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A Weeklydose of Links – Sharapova’s Gotta Pay and Pay

French show pony Tatiana Golovin won’t play on clay anymore this season presumably due to a failure to recover completely from surgery. Her boyfriend Samar Nasri of Olympique Marseille fame will keep an eye on her while we wait for her triumphant return! (Women’s tennis blog)

A huge tennis forum (I’ll give you a hint: It rhymes with sch-wtaworld) was forced to change their name by the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour. (Women who serve)

Walking in Memphis. Well tennis fans might not anymore. The proposed sale of The Racquet Club fell through. (Commercial Appeal)

Rafael Nadal is still angry about the ATP Tour schedule and slammed the door on talks with Etienne de Villiers, the CEO of the ATP Tour (The Earth Times)

Sharapova faces a hefty fine for not providing a medical reason for her pull out of Berlin and pulling out at the last moment. Then she will be fined for her controversial decision to skip the WTA promo shoot which is set at a maximum of $300.000 however players, like Sharapova, who don’t wear a badge of the WTA Tour on their clothes could face a maximum fine of $700.000 (Daily India)

On The Baseline is having some interesting guests over and aspiring writers voice your opinions for a guest column on On The Baseline (On The Baseline)

ESPN’s poll for Greatest Living Legend puts Bjorn Borg on the number 1 spot (ESPN)

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Photos from the ECM Prague Open Finals: