ATP Tidbits – Verdasco & Murray as models, Federer’s CGI question & a Serbian dinner invitation

Summer in the Eastern US signifies 100 degree temperatures and 95% humidity. So it’s no surprise that two of the hottest tennis stars around recently each did photoshoots in preparation for the summer’s hottest sporting ticket, the US Open. Roger Federer, always trying to set the standard, one-uped the two men by making a viral video for his sponsor Gillette. Finally, I leave you with a dinner invitation from the Serbian team. Well, sort of.

Newly resurgent Andy Murray stepped into the life of a male model for a day as famed photographer Mario Testino setup shop in Murray’s garage for a VOGUE photoshoot. The photos were taken in his garage because it also doubles as his weight room. Testino wanted to convey the consuming hours a top athlete devotes to his sport by shooting him “in here, where he works.”

When asked by a journalist what he was wearing in the photoshoot, Murray simply replied that “the stuff was really nice. Really, really nice.” He is usually in sweats, t-shirts and shorts because tennis is on his mind 24/7. So when he was urged to expand on what made the tuxedo so ‘nice,’ he barely found the words. He said that there was a darker stripe down the side of the leg. Needless to say, the boy doesn’t know his fashion that well, but he is forgiven under the circumstances. The photos turned out great …. in his Burberry tux, of course.

To follow up on Murray’s photoshoot, there is an even saucier one in September’s GQ issue featuring Spaniard Fernando Verdasco, photographed in Madrid-Brajas’ Terminal 4. Words cannot express how well he fits the mold of a fiery masterful businessman. I should take more trips to the airport if this is what traveling salesman look like! Verdasco might be his own biggest fan though. He was beyond excited as he announced it on his twitter account: “Reading the us GQ of september! Guys you should buy it, there is a photoshoot of me in it!”

I like it, what do you think?  Murray or Verdasco?

Not to be forgotten, Roger Federer’s newest viral video for Gillette has received close to FIVE MILLION hits since being put up on Youtube one week ago. That many hits nears epic proportions!

In a video that seems to go “behind the scenes” of an actual ad, Federer displays his precision by hitting at a crew member’s head. Not directly AT his head, but at a tin can ON his head that Federer served at. With the camera crew and technicians as his audience, Federer targets the can precisely and knocks it off the crew members head without a scratch … and twice in a row!

The biggest question so far has been whether this video is real or CGI. During his second-round victory in Cincinnati, Federer was questioned about the famed video by a reporter.

“Q. Can I ask you about a serve that you didn’t make tonight, but that’s obviously being talked about a lot on the internet. Is that for real?

ROGER FEDERER: Oh, that thing? Yeah. Well, there’s a lot of the debate at the moment, you know. You know how it is with magicians. They don’t tell how their tricks work, you know. (Smiling.) I don’t do it that much, but yea, it was shot in one piece and it was — the guy took a chance. (Smiling.) It worked out. I’m happy.”

Knowing how Federer likes to keep people guessing about his game and life, his answer doesn’t really clear anything up. Some have speculated that he indeed says it’s real in this quote, but he refers to magicians as well. He worded it quite carefully and I’m still not sold it was for “real.”

Remember how I said there was a dinner invitation from the Serbian team at the beginning of this post? Well, true to my word, here it is:

Don’t they all look so inviting?! What’s wrong? Oh, you were thinking it was really a live sit-down meal? Well, if you were in Cincinnati you could have been lucky, but for the rest of us: bummer. Janko Tipsarevic teased the twitter universe with this photo of him and his wife Biljana, Ana Ivanovic, Nenad Zimonjic and Viktor Troicki eating dinner before catching the movie “The Expendables.” It seems that the Serbs really enjoy each other’s company and are quite photogenic — even in the poor lighting. I would have to argue that the Bryan brothers come in as a close second for their twitter photos with other tennis friends. Well, that is unless Verdasco gets the whole Spanish Armada in a photo at the US Open. Can it be done?