Tennis Fantasies

Tennis Fantasies With John Newcombe & The Legends To Mark Its 30th Year

The longest-running, most comprehensive tennis fantasy camp in the world marks a special anniversary this coming October.

The 30th edition of Tennis Fantasies with John Newcombe and the Legends will take place from Sunday, October 15 to Friday, October 20, 2017 at the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch in New Braunfels, Texas (30 miles from San Antonio).

Tennis Fantasies was created in 1988 by Steve Contardi.  A Cincinnati-based tennis club manager and veteran teaching pro, Contardi the previous year had attended a baseball fantasy camp and asked himself a simple question: Why not try this with tennis?  Contardi soon joined forces with Newcombe, a three-time Wimbledon singles champion who also operated one of the world’s preeminent tennis facilities.

A male-only event, Tennis Fantasies takes place only one week a year.  Approximately 80 campers play on teams under the eyes of the legends – players who have accumulated more than 150 Grand Slam titles.  In addition to coaching during singles and doubles matches, campers receive tactical and technical instruction and spend time with the legends virtually round-the-clock, including all meals and ample time mixing beer and blarney inside the ranch’s Waltzing Matilda Room.


The presence of Laver – often considered the greatest player in tennis history – has added an exciting new dimension.  Laver first came to Tennis Fantasies in 2014 and in 2017 will appear for the third time.  “It was great to come and spend time with all my friends who I’d competed against,” said Laver, “and then it was terrific to meet all the campers and see how much they loved playing and being around the tennis.”

Said Newcombe, “The repeat rate is more than 70 percent, so over the years everyone from the legends to the campers have really made this a special community.  Competition and camaraderie are the cornerstones of Tennis Fantasies.  People leave blood on the court – and then they eat their meals together.  It’s a lot like the days when we were all traveling the world.”

Hall of Famers Newcombe and Laver will be joined in 2017 by 12 additional coaches, including five other Hall of Famers: Roy Emerson, Fred Stolle, Mark Woodforde, Owen Davidson and Charlie Pasarell.  Rounding out the staff are seven Grand Slam champions: Marty Riessen, Rick Leach, Brian Gottfried, Dick Stockton, Luke Jensen, Murphy Jensen and Ross Case.

For more information about Tennis Fantasies, contact Steve Contardi at 1-800-874-7788 or email him at [email protected]