Ever wanted to meet Roger Federer? Here is your chance!

Have you ever wanted to meet tennis legend Roger Federer? Here is your chance.  All you have to do is go to the Credit Suisse Facebook page and vote for the best ending of the Roger Federer, Relaxed video. There are four different endings, so watch all of them and vote!

Alternative versions

The commercial – in which the tennis player relaxes at the pool – was shot last February for the bank’s global image campaign in Dubai, Roger Federer’s second home. Four different endings were shot, but so far only one has been used. Credit Suisse now wants to know which of the four fans like the most. During the ATP World Tour Finals in London (November 20 to 27) the commercial will be shown with the ending that receives the most votes.

Attractive Main Prize

The competition prize will make the heart of every Roger Federer fan beat faster: The winner will fly by business class to London on November 19 and spend three nights there in a top-class hotel at Canary Wharf. The highlight of the stay will be a meeting with Roger Federer. Depending on his match schedule, the meeting will take place on Sunday, November 20 or Monday, November 21. The return flight will then be on November 22, once again in business class. So that the winner does not have to travel alone they can take along a person of their choice for whom the same conditions apply.

Runner-Up Prizes

In addition to the meet and greet with Roger Federer, the following runner-up prizes are also available:

• 2nd to 6th prize: A signed Roger Federer cap.

• 7th to 26th prize: A Nike Roger Federer cap (without autograph)

Clear Rules

The competition starts on Thursday, October 13 and lasts until midnight (GMT) on Sunday, November 6. It will take place globally. The winner will be picked on Monday, November 7 and notified by email.

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day: Maria Sharapova at Nike’s Prime Knockout Tennis Event

And yes it’s literally is sunshine on a cloudy day today as it has been pouring rain for the past three days where I live. While the firemen drain the water from the streets, and I barely can get out of the house,  it seemed like a good time to scour the net looking for new photos.

The US Open starts this coming Monday but by the looks of the PR  and media hype it seems like the tournament is in full gear already.  One of the PR and media hypes is the Nike Prime Knockout Tennis Event.

Maria Sharapova attended along with John McEnroe, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Victoria Azarenka. While an injured Serena Williams stood by on the sidelines cheering on her colleagues.

I have included extra bonus photos of Anna Kournikova doing a press conference in Bogota. Y’know, just to cheer me up for that bad weather outside.

Enjoy the US Open the coming weeks, I know I will!

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The Homage To Federer Continues

Nevermind that Roger Federer‘s Grand Slam semifinal streak has been snapped, nay, smashed by Tomas Berdych 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 6-4 in the quarters of this year’s Wimbledon — because the rest of the world’s celebration of the tennis champ keeps on going. A few weeks after we unearthed the woman with the RF tattoo, we’ve come across a Chicago-based artist who’s sculpted R-Fed’s likeness in clay.

Raul Gautier, a recent immigrant from Mexico, took a day and a half to create this piece. Up next are figurines of Nadal and Agassi. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Federer toy, of course. Nike collaborated with Michael Lau to come up with this Hulk-esque plastic mound in 2007.

For sale: Federer figurine, $650. Mr. Gautier’s website will be up soon. Contact TSF if you’d like to get in touch with him.

Photos courtesy of Raul Gautier.

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I was just reading the Tennis Fanhouse article by Greg Couch, a very good writer I must say, and he wrote that despite the 70 million dollar endorsement Sharapova recently signed she is still nothing more than a puppet in the hands of marketeers.

She is nothing but an Anna Kournikova but then with results. Well, can you blame them? Sharapova = money. She makes companies and brands money. Whether it be Nike or Cole Haan, Sharapova makes them money. And Sharapova knows it! If Maria doesn’t know then I would suggest that she checks her bank balance and see if Nike has deposited that $70 million. And for every million in that endorsement deal, Nike is sure to make 2 or 3 times that amount.

But I have to say that Greg is right, with big money come big expectations.  Nike takes a big risk spending so much money on one player. Theoratically Sharapova can live up to those big expectations. She has won three majors after all at the age of 22.  But will she actually live up to the big expectations?  Nobody can really tell. Her shoulder may act up and that could mean that she could be off the courts for another year. She could be lovesick and throw matches. Who knows? There are too many  factors that  you have to take in  in consideration to actually figure out if she is worth all that money.

What did Sharapova have to say about her loss not much except:

“You know, just a bad day,” she said. “A bad day’s not going to stop me from doing what I love. I’m still going to go back on the court and work hard and perform.

“I’ll be back here on a Saturday of the second week, so you’ll watch.”

And I’ll be sure to watch on that Saturday of the second week until then I have my many photos to keep me and you entertained.

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Roger Federer swings and misses with his Wimbledon attire, at least according to the Sports Business Daily. The daily bible for the sports marketing industry, in its “Hit and Miss” look back at the sports business year in 2009, gave Federer a “Miss” for his warm-up outfits worn the last few years at Wimbledon. Writes SBD, “Roger Federer earns all the admiration in the world for his play on the court, but will someone please tell him (and Nike) to dial back the ridiculous warm-up outfits like the ones he sports at Wimbledon? One writer describes a waistcoat as giving Federer “a slight air of Costa Brava cocktail waiter.” We understand Federer’s love of fashion and interest in developing his image, but c’mon, be authentic! Add to that Federer donning a jacket with the “15” mark right after beating Andy Roddick in an epic men’s final, which smacks of arrogance.”

Federer first wore the stylish jacket in 2006, pictured here on the cover of the book THE ROGER FEDERER STORY: QUEST FOR PERFECTION.


Finally, as no. 2, Federer gets some love at the majors

Tweets/texts/emails/pings fluttered our way right after Roger Federer climbed out of that five-set mess that was his semifinal against Juan Martin Del Potro. The score: 3-6, 7-6 (2), 2-6, 6-1, 6-4.

We don’t remember the last time we felt so compelled to gun for Roger at a final (there were goosebumps as we got on the ‘net for the match synopsis…). But why the sudden change? Why are we all so excited?

Seeding: As if the ranking (and seeding) stars aligned perfectly, Roger was seeded No. 2 at a major where he is clearly second-best. Thus, there’s no extra push for Rafael Nadal, the king of clay, to correct the discrepancy with a title win.

He’s suffered enough: Federer has spent the last year having the pack chip away at his runaway No. 1 ranking. His testiness with the press – and eventual sobfest – has shown us that underneath the automaton is a living, breathing, person. And now that he’s spent enough time suffering for being a hyper-confident douche, we again have his over-muscled back.

The tide is turning: The girlfriend wife is preggers. And now he’s back on track to equal (or surpass) Pete Sampras‘ Slam record. Sometimes, it’s just nicer when good things come in bunches.

The tide is turning… for Rafa: Now that Nadal’s got the media coverage, the number one seeding, and the customized Nike kit, it’s also his turn to be the one knocked out from the top. How well can he (and his knees) handle that pressure? His docs have already asked him to pull out of Queen’s Club.

We can’t wait to see what happens next!

Sharapova may be out but definitely not down!

Like Erwin wrote a few months ago Nike begins Cole Haan push with Maria Sharapova and like the pressrelease said Cole Haan Debuts Spring 2009 Ad Campaign Featuring Maria Sharapova.

That partnership between Cole Haan and Maria Sharapova announced on the eve of the 2008 U.S. Open is finally sprouting: the company’s spring ad campaign will feature Maria, marking the first time a Nike fashion subsidiary has used a Nike athlete for advertising.

While Cole Haan’s marketeers had the following to say about the deal:

“The campaign marks the first time Cole Haan has collaborated with a Nike athlete to serve as the face of a new collection,” notes Cole Haan Chief Marketing Officer Michael Capiraso. “We are able to leverage her interest in fashion and sport, while connecting with our consumer in a new and unique way.”

Sharapova added to that:

International tennis sensation, Maria Sharapova adds: “Cole Haan’s Sporting Collection offers the right balance of style and function that’s perfect with my lifestyle.  Off court, I want to feel comfortable in what I wear, and polished at the same time. The Sporting Collection lets me do that and still be me.”

Well Sharapova was spotted at her arrival at the Cole Haan Promotional Signing, Coral Gables on March 25.  Enjoy pics!

Cole Haan Debuts Spring 2009 Ad Campaign Featuring Maria Sharapova

New York, NY (February 2009) – Cole Haan unveils today that international tennis sensation Maria Sharapova will serve as the face of the 2009 Spring advertising campaign.


Shot with elemental simplicity in Malibu, California by internationally acclaimed lifestyle photographer Martyn Thompson, the campaign reflects the interplay of style and sport, passion and play, that Cole Haan and Sharapova share. The weave of traditional craftsmanship and high-performance innovation that embodies the Cole Haan-Nike partnership finds new expression in Spring.

“The campaign marks the first time Cole Haan has collaborated with a Nike athlete to serve as the face of a new collection,” notes Cole Haan Chief Marketing Officer Michael Capiraso. “We are able to leverage her interest in fashion and sport, while connecting with our consumer in a new and unique way.”

International tennis sensation, Maria Sharapova adds: “Cole Haan’s Sporting Collection offers the right balance of style and function that’s perfect with my lifestyle.  Off court, I want to feel comfortable in what I wear, and polished at the same time. The Sporting Collection lets me do that and still be me.”

Mixing Media Initiatives:

  • Digital media to play an important role in the campaign – rich media presence on top sites
  • Debuting in March issue of Vanity Fair
  • Print Campaign to appear in top Women’s Core titles (mix of single page, spread and 4-page insert executions)
  • OOH executions include NYC Meat Packing district Billboard, wrapped bus shelters and busses

Media can visit for more information on all of Cole Haan’s product lines for Spring ’09 and beyond.

Fashion Focus: Sharapova the showgirl


Her name was Lola: The ailing Maria Sharapova sat out this 2009 Australian Open to give her shoulder enough time to heal (she’s back next month). And a version of the Spring Maria Day Dress, a ruffled number whose tiers fade from liquid lime to charcoal grey, might have been the defending champ’s on-court outfit.


Cover-up: And this charcoal grey warmup is the season’s variation on the oversized collar that’s been around for a few seasons now. Use the drawstrings for a dramatic gathered-neck effect.

Buy: Nike Maria Tennis Dress, liquid lime/charcoal, $96,; Woven Cover-Up, charcoal/white, $80; Open Skort, white/light photo blue, $60; Cover-Up and Skort via Tennis Warehouse.

(images via prodirecttennis and TW)

Fashion Focus: Serena William’s laser light show


TSF didn’t put our money on an out-of-form Serena Williams to be an Australian Open finalist this year (that’s why we’re not bookies, we figure), but we put our money down for a buzz-worthy Nike outfit from the American.

Am I in downtown Vegas? For spring, her sleeveless dressfeatures contrast trim around the v-neck and waistline plus a pleated bloussant skirt — perfect for covering Serena’s badonkadonk. Unfortch, we didn’t know what to make of that laser-light-show fabric of her first-round dress.


Much more refreshing was the version in Light Photo Blue with lime trim (accented with a bandana and wristband) which Serena wore in the latter rounds in taking out Azarenka, Kuznetsova, and Dementieva. The white/blue version of the dress made appearances during her doubles matches with sister Venus.

What’d you think of the dress? Love it? Hate it? Tell us!


Accessories: Here are her earrings up close, and a look at the whole get-up (a ring, a bracelet, a pendant, and her hoops). Of course, icing on the Serena cake is the Nike 76 Club bag.

Scoreline: Serena’s fourth stab at a Melbourne title will pit her against Russian Dinara Safina. Williams’ road to the finals included three straight-set matches, a walk-over (due to Azarenka’s stomach virus — poor kid!), and a three-set quarterfinal against the hard-hitting Kuznetsova.

Buy: Nike Women’s Spring Cruise Serena Day Dress in white/blue/gray, $90, Browse the rest of the women’s collection here.