loyal support


Today we received word that former tennis queen Martina Hingis got herself engaged to Andreas Bieri, a lawyer from Zurich. According to Swiss newspaper Blick.ch Hingis told the press Andreas proposed to her a day before Christmas and that she was over the moon with the proposal.

Hingis moved in with Andreas last summer in Hurden.

Hingis was the number of the WTA tour for 209 weeks in a row. Has won a record of 43 titles which includes five Grand Slam titles.

Hingis was forced to retire due to injury in 2002 and made a succesful comeback in 2006.  Her succes didn’t last long as she was banned for two years after a doping test found traces of cocaine in her blood.

Nowadays Hingis models for Elite,  a leading modeling agency who also have the likes of Gisele Bundchen under contract amongst other stars.

Hingis still has loyal support of her fans who are all in full support of her upcoming marriage.

A fan, who goes by the name of Lois, showed her support by saying the following:

Congratulations! This is the news I’ve been waiting to hear since they decided to live together. I’m sure Martina will still be “busy” with other things but at 29 it’s time for her to marry and hopefully start a family. Certainly Federer has embraced marriage and fatherhood with great “gusto” so the ultimate goal would be for Martina to be a mother someday, she has said herself many times she would welcome children into her life so now she will have a chance for fulfillment and contentment. Best Wishes to the happy couple! – By Lois

Let’s hope that Hingis and her Andreas will live happily ever after.