Anna Kournikova in 3D, That’s Almost Real, Right? Right??

Earlier this year I wrote a post that confirmed the myth of Eastern European women. In that post I wrote that every Eastern European woman is actually goodlooking is not a myth; It’s a reality.I really actually tried to crack the myth Mythbusters style.

And I showed photos of Victoria Azarenka and Anna Chakvetadze and Dominika Cibulkova. Photos of FHM. I was brutally corrected by Tom that it was the photoshoot for FHM and not Smash Magazine.

To further confirm this myth, Maxim magazine comes with a photoshoot of the poster girl of the myth; Anna Kournikova.  Anna Kournikova was once the most downloaded woman in the world.  Whenever you watched Wimbledon coverage on TV and they showed an Anna Kournikova match; The stadium was sold out whether she played on Centre Court or Court 20! And it wasn’t just the boys she attracted, having been a longstanding member of the official Kournikova website forum I can confirm that lots of girls were into her as well.

Anna features on the cover of Maxim magazine for the fifth time already.  And what’s great about this part is that it has got 3D photos of Anna Kournikova. That’s almost  as if she’s standing live in my room eh?

In the interview with Maxim, Anna talks about her dual citizenship having become an American recently:

“You know, I’ve always considered myself half Russian and half American. It never seemed to really matter if I had a passport or not. But when I started working with the USO and the troops overseas, it just seemed the logical next step…”

On her lovelife she said the following:

“Single as in on paper? ‘Yes, but I’m in a relationship.”

If you want to read more then I suggest you visit the Maxim site to ‘read up’ on Anna Kournikova’s latest.

Thanks to the boys of Egotastic,  I have managed to find the video to go with the photoshoot. So that’s a nice extra add on. Enjoy the photos and take a vote in our poll after the photos and video.

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From Russia With Love!

So if you are wondering what Anastasia Myskina’s been doing since her early retirement then join the club. No, I mean literally. Just join the club. There hasn’t been much news at all about her since she gave birth to a baby boy.

She never told us who the father was and I am pretty sure she will never ever tell anyone either. Well I am guessing a lot of cons are lining up for a paternity test.

But I’ll tell you one thing about Myskina’s lovelife and that is that the current person she is dating is definitely not the father!  Her name is Anna Semenovich and she is a  retired ice dancer.

For the record, I may say that they are dating but let’s be clear here:  They look pretty intimate on the pics but if it is actually dating that’s something I cannot verify.

Anyway enjoy the Myskina photos and let me know what you think of it by commenting down below.