10 Things You Always Wanted To Know About Tennis…

Unusual scoring, loud grunts and ultra-fast serves make tennis a game that’s full of quirks. Read on and learn from Wimbledon Debenture Holders, the top supplier of Wimbledon tickets 2014 (, about ten unusual tennis facts.

1. Why are tennis balls green?

Amazingly, tennis balls aren’t actually green. They’re a specific color known as hi-vis yellow. All major tennis tournaments use this color due to its excellent visibility, especially for spectators viewing at home.

2. When was tennis invented?

While there’s some debate as to when the first game of tennis was played, most of the tennis world agrees that the game originated in 12th century France, where it was played using the palm of a player’s hand.

3. How long is a tennis game?

Since tennis games continue based on score, rather than time, they can go on for as long as they need to. The longest tennis game in history was played at Wimbledon 2010, and lasted for 11 hours, five minutes, John Isner defeating Nicolas Mahut.

4. How much of a tennis game is active play?

In a two-hour tennis game, the ball spends less than 30 minutes in play. Most of a tennis game is made up of preparation and rest breaks – the ball is actually in play for less than 20 per cent of the game.

5. Why do tennis players grunt?

Tennis players grunt for two reasons: to let out air after an exhausting and difficult motion, and to distract and ‘psyche out’ their opponents.

6. Why does ‘deuce’ mean a tie?

‘Deuce’ doesn’t technically mean a tie, although many casual tennis players assume so. It actually means ‘two’ – the number of points that a player will need to score in order to win the game.

7. How rich are tennis players?

Tennis appears to be a profitable occupation, at least for the world’s best players. In today’s tennis world, the wealthiest players are Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova, who both have a nine-figure net worth.

8. Who has the fastest serve?

Samuel Groth, an Australian tennis player known for his impressive striking power, is the current service record holder. During the 2012 Busan Open Challenger Tennis Tournament, he served the ball at an incredible 163.4 miles per hour.

9. Why do tennis players check the ball?

Small scuffs on the surface of a tennis ball can affect its play, causing it to fly off in a certain direction or lose its bounce on the surface of the court. Because of this, most players want to avoid using a beaten-up ball during their games.

10. Why does ‘love’ mean zero?

Ever wonder why ‘love’ is used in scoring? Some people believe that it’s because of the French term for zero, which sounds similar to the word for ‘egg.’ Because of the space of the numeral zero, it’s picked up the ‘love’ terminology over the years.


A few years ago I talked to a guy who ran the Gisela Dulko website.  It was a site in plain HTML and lots of pics and in three languages. They had several editors and newsposters. Which was quite unique actually for a website at that time. It’s become more and more regular now. But that aside. It was also the time where I just fell in love with Gisela Dulko.

Last week our photographer Ralf Reinecke  was in Stuttgart and I asked him to send me some extra pics of Gisela Dulko. And he came through. So here we go: Gisela Dulko pics of her solo and with doubles partner Flavia Penetta.


[nggallery id=44]


So is it a surprise that the ever swell looking Maria Kirilenko has reached the quarterfinals of the Australian Open? To me it is. I never expected her to reach the second week of the first Grand Slam tournament of the year.  But like I wrote in my “I’ll supply the love: Maria Kirilenko” post and I quote:

I have high hopes for her this upcoming tennis season. I am actually hoping she will grab at least one title and make it into the fourth round of any Grand Slam tournament.

And she has exceeded my expectations already by reaching the quarter finals of the AusOpen 2010. Now it’s time for her to be consistent and I hope that she will be throughout the rest of the 2010 season. Just one step at a time. There is no need to rush.

When asked what she is going to do for her birthday she replied with the following:

Q. I believe it’s your birthday in an hour.


Q. What are you going to do?

MARIA KIRILENKO: I mean, I don’t know. When I was a kid, I had a dream, you know, to be in a Grand Slam main draw in Australia when I have a birthday. I think my dream comes true.

Q. Do you get to have champagne or do you not have that because you’re still in the tournament?

MARIA KIRILENKO: No, I don’t want to get drunk before my next match (laughter). It’s going to be difficult for me to play then. But, yeah, maybe after when I finish with my tournament I will celebrate with the girls from the locker room, with all my friends.

Anyway I am sure you have enough of my ramblings and so here we go with the photos:

[nggallery id=14]


With the 2010 tennis season right around the corner I have been digging up some old videos of one my favorite players on the WTA Tour: Maria Kirilenko.

I know she lost that exclusive deal with Stella McCartney to Caroline Wozniacki but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t look stylish on the courts anymore. In fact she still looks good in whatever she wears.

I have high hopes for her this upcoming tennis season. I am actually hoping she will grab at least one title and make it into the fourth round of any Grand Slam tournament. She deserves it. But most of all I am hoping she will actually be consistent in her game this year. That’s what she lacks in my opinion. Consistent performances on the court and I don’t mean first round crashes by that.

If you are interested in more videos then please take a look at the World Tennis Magazine YouTube Channel by clicking here or visit this link:  Many interesting interviews by Harry Cicma with Serena Williams, Ana Ivanovic and Anna Kournikova and many more.


Roger Federer swings and misses with his Wimbledon attire, at least according to the Sports Business Daily. The daily bible for the sports marketing industry, in its “Hit and Miss” look back at the sports business year in 2009, gave Federer a “Miss” for his warm-up outfits worn the last few years at Wimbledon. Writes SBD, “Roger Federer earns all the admiration in the world for his play on the court, but will someone please tell him (and Nike) to dial back the ridiculous warm-up outfits like the ones he sports at Wimbledon? One writer describes a waistcoat as giving Federer “a slight air of Costa Brava cocktail waiter.” We understand Federer’s love of fashion and interest in developing his image, but c’mon, be authentic! Add to that Federer donning a jacket with the “15” mark right after beating Andy Roddick in an epic men’s final, which smacks of arrogance.”

Federer first wore the stylish jacket in 2006, pictured here on the cover of the book THE ROGER FEDERER STORY: QUEST FOR PERFECTION.


Using your core

medballbasement-002You use your Core when you hit every single tennis shot. I’d like to show you how you use your core when hitting a two handed backhand, and how to strengthen it in the gym.

I chose pictures of Ashley Harkleroad training in the gym. Ash is using the cable machine to mimic the actual stroke. Training with the cable machines is one of the best things you can do to strengthen your game. This along with Medicine Ball training will help you control the ball more and add zip to your groundies.

This type of training should be done 2 to 3 times per week. When you start, start off with a light weight to ensure proper form and to prevent injury. If you are too loaded up with weight, you can strain your lower back and injure yourself.


I chose Maria’s backhand to demonstrate this. As you can see from these two pictures, the starting positions are similar.

To get more “underneath” the full follow through, lower the cable machine handle and sweep through the hitting zone in a low to high fashion. This exercise continues to be one of the favorites of many of my clients. It’s different than your traditional weight lifting exercises and can be a lot of fun. Don’t be surprised if you see your heart rate spike up here!

To view the rest of the picture pictorial, click on the link below.
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