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New Louis Armstrong Stadium – With A Roof – Dedicated

In terms of grand openings, this one was fit for kings — or more appropriately, Queens — that surely left a number of legends of tennis and music and thousands of fans of both wondering just what the late Louis Armstrong would have thought to himself.

The shimmering new Louis Armstrong Stadium was officially dedicated at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on Wednesday with a bold, brassy commemoration befitting both the US Open and the legendary Satchmo.

With the brand new, 14,069-seat stadium serving as both the theater and the main attraction on US Open’s Queens Day, Queens’ own John McEnroe waxed poetic on his four US Open championships. Jazz legend Wynton Marsalis led an eight-piece marching band in a musical performance straight from Bourbon Street. James Blake and Michael Chang then triumphed over John and his brother Patrick in a Legends doubles match that served as a fitting encore.

Nearly 1,800 fans were on-hand to witness it all.

The US Open Is Only Four Months Away

Posted by E.C. Sullivan

The US Open will be held in just about four months time at the Billie Jean King/USTA National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, N.Y. The facility is open to the public to enjoy and play tennis for the other 49 weeks of the year when the US Open is not being held. Late last year, the USTA unveiled its spectacular new indoor tennis building, but now, as spring is in full bloom in New York City, the outdoor courts are now starting to be filled with enthusiastic players. We hope you enjoy this photo essay of the home of the US Open taken on a late April afternoon.

NTC – 21 – The Arthur Ashe Commemorative Garden in the shadow of Arthur Ashe Stadium on an April day in New York.

NTC – 22 – The 2008 US Open Champions are already documented in the “US Open Court of Champions.”

NTC – 20 – The South Plaza – five months before it is abuzz with US Open excitement

NTC – 19 – Some casualties from the winter

NTC – 18 – The field courts are getting some early use from New York City residents

NTC – 17 – New corporate hospitality space, just above the food court

NTC – 16 – Two new Platform Tennis courts at the Billie Jean King / USTA National Tennis Center

NTC – 15 – Remnants of the 2008 US Open

NTC – 14 – Some clean-up still to be had

NTC – 13 – Food Court looking over to Ashe Stadium

NTC – 12 – Food Court looking over to Louis Armstrong Stadium

NTC 11 – Tennis clinics taking place

NTC 10 – A beautiful lounge area to take in all the indoor tennis action

NTC – 9 – Jimmy Connors champions’ photo

NTC – 8 – Rod Laver champions’ photo

NTC – 7 – The lobby features photos of all of the men’s and women’s singles champions of the Open Era (since 1968)

NTC – 6 – Roger Federer’s photo in the lobby

NTC – 5 – The spectacular news indoor tennis building with 12 courts

NTC – 4 – The new lobby of the new indoor building

NTC – 3 – The new indoor building at the Billie Jean King / USTA National Tennis Center

NTC – 2 – Front entrance

NTC – 1 – Re-branded and welcoming tennis players of all levels