And he does it again. Ralf Reinecke managed to capture two of the best players in the world on cam in Madrid.  Earlier this week an interview with Roger Federer it was like he was giving Rafael Nadal a subtle swipe about his clay court dominance.

The interview was on Gototennis.com and Federer has the following to say:

On clay you don’t need a volley or a serve. You just need legs, an incredible forehand and backhand, and to run after every ball. I’m not trying to take anything from Rafa: He has been successful in other surfaces as well. But on clay you can get away, you can be competitive even with a very incomplete game. I’m not saying it’s so simple, but it’s too easy.

Whether or not Federer is right remains to be seen. Until then I would suggest that you enjoy the pics.

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You ever wonder what the wacky tape is that players wear on their shoulders, back and legs?

Well, it is kinesiology therapeutic tape. It is used to treat pain without pain-killing drugs. It used to be only available through a clinician. KT Tape is one brand available to the public. Kinesio, another brand that is only available via clinicians, is used by many pros, including Serena Williams. KT Tape is the only brand widely available to everyday people and can be found at virtually every major sporting goods store across the country.

Says Rene Mendoza, the tennis pro at the Woodlake Swim and Tennis Club in Midlothian, Va., “I use and recommend KT Tape to those I instruct at my club.  I use the standard taping techniques described at the KT Tape website and experience immediate relief from the sharp pains that occur in my arm and my knee as the result of tendonitis.  KT Tape provides me with the support I need without constricting my range of motion.  I used to use an elastic brace but fount that wearing it altered my body mechanics to such a degree that I was placing added strain on other parts of my body which only increased my problems. KT Tape provides me with 24 hour a day relief on and off the court.  I often get 6 or 7 days of wear out of each application.  Considering the abuse I put it through with working out 8 hours per day, that is a great value.“