late show with david letterman

John Isner Reads Top Ten List on Letterman

American John Isner found himself in New York City on Monday for a taping of the Late Show with David Letterman. Isner delivered the nightly Top Ten List that was related to his recent first round marathon match at Wimbledon against Nicolas Mahut where he won 70-68 in the fifth set.

The category was “top ten thoughts that went through John Isner’s mind during the 11-hour tennis match.”

10 – I’m exhausted

9 – We’ve been playing so long I’ve forgotten – am I Isner or Mahut?

8 – Remember when I said I was exhausted? That was 8 hours ago!

7 – Wonder if I’ll be sore tomorrow?

6 – I’m gonna lay back until 51-50, then make my move

5 – I’m asleep

4 – Why couldn’t I have played Federer? It would’ve been over in 15 minutes

3 – Cramp!

2 – Honestly, I don’t care if I win or lose – I just don’t want to die

1 – Larry King has had marriages that didn’t last this long

Isner appeared to be having a good time, smiling throughout the short bit. He particularly laughed while reading numbers 4 and 1.

Letterman congratulated him afterwards and presented him with a dozen red roses.

Certainly some nice recognition for the sport of tennis and a well-deserved moment for the affable Isner to enjoy.