good times

Andy Murray’s Radical Messenger

Over the past  six decades,  HEAD has witnessed many changes. In a long and distinguished history,  HEAD  has seen some good times and some not so good times.

The fact that HEAD  has survived is testament to the strength and resolve of everyone who has ever been involved with the company: customers and employees alike.

We are passionate about the gear we produce and we know this is a passion shared by our enthusiastic owners. All of our racquets will continue to be hand-built and bespoke but using high technology processes in a very modern environment.

That ethos goes right back to 1950 and the very beginnings of the company. Our founder, Howard Head, believed that a sports gear should have a distinctive and individual character. He felt it should be developed and designed  to the highest standards and be exhilarating to use and own – many things have changed over the ensuing sixty years, but those goals are still very relevant to us today.

HEAD sports gear  combines three important elements: power, beauty and soul. HEAD products are truly special – they always have been and always will be.

Andy Murray has enjoyed a solid partnership with HEAD and together they have worked on the Radical Messenger to promote the new developed Head youtek Radical Racket.

For the competition HEAD has many prizes in store. Among those are HEAD Backpacks, Microgel Raptor OS rackets and many more.

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