Novak Djokovic Makes Funny Analogies at the US Open; Fan Fight During Djokovic Match

I was going to write about the Meaning of Life today, but I put it aside when I got a hot tip to write about Novak Djokovic’ match versus Viktor Troicki that went down on the opening days of the last major tournament of the year 2010.

Novak Djokovic had a hard time earlier this week playing in the hot hot sun at the US Open.  He was down two sets versus fellow countryman Viktor Troicki and it didn’t seem like The Djoker was able to turn the tables this time. Not with the full sun heating up the court.

Troicki must have thought that he had bagged the match already when an epiphany struck  The Djoker. With the sun going down and the shades providing cool air,  The Djoker rallied and turned the tables and bagged the match in five.

Brad Gilbert asked him what the shade felt like and The Djoker just gave the perfect analogy:

And this is what The Djoker had to say at the press conference:

Q. Did you see the replay or the actual live shot of [Roger Federer’s] tween the legs shot last night?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: No. I’ve seen it live last year passing next to me (smiling). That’s enough traumatic experiences for me. Today when Viktor tried to do the same thing, I said, No, no, please. He was running for the ball between the legs. Please miss it. Please don’t embarrass me again.

Q. As somebody who does very good imitations, is that something you can imitate?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: No, definitely not. I am not as good as he is in that. I’d like to be very careful with my racquet (smiling). You know what I mean.

Q. You made a comment about sleeping with your girlfriend out on the court. What was that analogy to?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: I don’t know. He asked me for the comparison of the feeling, what kind of feeling was it to feel the shade. The sun came down and I didn’t have any more heat, what kind of feeling was it. It just came up to me. It’s one of the best feelings, I guess, when you’re sleeping with your close one. So I compare it to that.

Q. Must have felt good.

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: It felt unbelievable (smiling). Let’s get back to tennis now (laughter).

In other Djokovic news it seems that some attendants of his match versus Germany’s Philip Petzschner could have used some shade as well when things heated up and they got in a fight.

The horrors of having to witness that.

Update! The video of the incident can be seen below:

The Prince And Caroline Wozniacki

After a week long in Portoroz, our photographer Ralf Reinecke traveled to Denmark bringing his photo equipment for the next tournament.  In some ways this reminds me of the movie “The Prince and me”  with the always goodlooking Julia Stiles.  Yah it’s a chick flick  and yes my girlfriend made me watch that. Just like she made me watch Ghost Whisperer.

Anyhow thank Ralf Reinecke for capturing Caroline Wozniacki and the Prince of Denmark.

Did you guys know that the Prince of Denmark invested in Wozniacki’s career? Yes, he did. Like a true Prince, he is also a very noble one.

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A few weeks ago we were happy to report that Martina Hingis engaged herself to Zurich lawyer Andreas Bieri.  Today I have to report that according to Swiss newspaper the engagement is off.

According to insiders Martina Hingis broke off the engagement but nobody would say why. She is not available for comments.

Andreas Bieri is not available for comments either.

Martina Hingis has a reputation when it comes to guys. It’s the 11th relationship she has broken off.

Fans on the unofficial forums of Hingis are confused and devestated.

One fan named Lois has the following to say about the break up:

Certainly it would be nice to read some English explanation of the break-up, I’m just guessing that if I were in Andy’s shoes and my girlfriend accepted a marriage proposal then turned around and gave me a long list of “things” she was going to be engaged in (pardon the pun) for the rest of the year…I’d be very disappointed…Martina you can’t have it both ways…either you commit to a marriage or not…and her long standing reputation of “opting out” must have won over. Sad!

And I agree with Lois. Either commit to marriage or not.

Finally, as no. 2, Federer gets some love at the majors

Tweets/texts/emails/pings fluttered our way right after Roger Federer climbed out of that five-set mess that was his semifinal against Juan Martin Del Potro. The score: 3-6, 7-6 (2), 2-6, 6-1, 6-4.

We don’t remember the last time we felt so compelled to gun for Roger at a final (there were goosebumps as we got on the ‘net for the match synopsis…). But why the sudden change? Why are we all so excited?

Seeding: As if the ranking (and seeding) stars aligned perfectly, Roger was seeded No. 2 at a major where he is clearly second-best. Thus, there’s no extra push for Rafael Nadal, the king of clay, to correct the discrepancy with a title win.

He’s suffered enough: Federer has spent the last year having the pack chip away at his runaway No. 1 ranking. His testiness with the press – and eventual sobfest – has shown us that underneath the automaton is a living, breathing, person. And now that he’s spent enough time suffering for being a hyper-confident douche, we again have his over-muscled back.

The tide is turning: The girlfriend wife is preggers. And now he’s back on track to equal (or surpass) Pete Sampras‘ Slam record. Sometimes, it’s just nicer when good things come in bunches.

The tide is turning… for Rafa: Now that Nadal’s got the media coverage, the number one seeding, and the customized Nike kit, it’s also his turn to be the one knocked out from the top. How well can he (and his knees) handle that pressure? His docs have already asked him to pull out of Queen’s Club.

We can’t wait to see what happens next!

Random French Open Thoughts

The fun for viewers is seeing who makes the French Open as wild cards, who often become tomorrow’s top players.  Look at Jo-Wilfried Tsonga who a while ago nearly won the Australian Open as an unseeded player!  Look at him today advancing at Roland Garros with a great win over Juan Monaco.

I hate how experts judge the wild cards on TV, “He doesn’t stand a chance against (fill in the blank).”  How do you know if the person doesn’t, having never played someone?  Give people the benefit of the doubt.  Unless someone’s playing a No. 1 or No. 2 players, why not?  And a No. 1 could possibly lose to an unseeded player.

Last year, I met a young gentleman normally playing doubles with the unfortunate experience of playing his first time as a singles player at the U.S. Open – against Roger Federer.  Talk about bad luck of the draw.  He did his best putting up a fight when he could’ve given up at the beginning.

On a positive, I’ve noticed a return of good commercials a la The Super Bowl in the Novak Djokovic in the stands gimmicks.  He’s very funny and natural in them, making me wonder how we could miss out on him as a sponsor.  It’s a very nice change from the boring silent commercials
with court clips.

Enjoy the French Open, wild card fans!  If you hurry to the right side of the stands, you may find a nice puppy dog balloon, gifted from Novak for your girlfriend…