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We have been reading a bit about Cliff Richey and his new book “ACING DEPRESSION: A TENNIS CHAMPION’S TOUGHEST MATCH”. We hear that it is an interesting and entertaining read (even if you don’t have depression). We have asked the publisher for a review copy and will find out for sure. If you want a copy, there’s a link to the story on the front page of this website.

Cliff Richey is a name that perhaps a lot of people haven’t heard of. His credentials are solid – he reached the semis of the French Open in 1970 and the U.S. Open twice (1970 and 1972). I guess you could call him the American version of Nikolay Davydenko of the 1970s? Accounts have him being a real grinder, who played a lot of events.

We googled Cliff Richey and then pressed videos and came up with this remarkable film from the 1972 U.S. Open.

Tennis is presented here like the National Football League – with the famous voice of John Facenda providing commentary. (NFL Films for sure created and produced this video).

Tennis was – and continues to be – a beautiful game.