Shapovalov-Federer Miami Open Match Was One Of Most Anticipated Matches So Far This Year

by Bob Stockton

The men’s semifinal at the Miami Open featured one of the most anticipated matches of the Miami Open. Sports betting sites saw a high betting rate considering how competitive this match was. This is the match between Canadian teen, Denis Shapovalov and 37 year-old Roger Federer. Shapovalov who was looking forward to competing against Federer giving the three-time champion an upper hand when he, Shapovalov appeared nervous at the start of the match.

This gave Federer a good start leaving Shapovalov struggling at the first set. That did not last long as the Canadian player picked up quickly but Federer beat him to a 6-2 , 6-4 score. The Canadian teen was not entirely at a disadvantage throughout the game. He put up an impressive performance towards the end of the second but it was too late to dislodge his idol.

Before the match, Shapovalov was enthusiastic about playing with his idol for the first time. He described it as a dream come true but that easily turned a sour experience after he was unable to secure a win.

He revealed after the match that it was unbelievable that his competitor was the man he had admired all his life. However, he tried not to focus on the fact that the other person on the other side was Federer. He also commended Federer for putting up a good performance. Shapovalov also admitted that Federer was a little above his level. He concluded by saying that he will learn for the experience.

Shapovalov recorded twenty unforced errors while Federer recorded only four by the end of the game. It was evident that Federer’s experience helped him a lot in the game. He used varied shotmaking to forge ahead in the first two breaks.

Federer went on to win the title against defending champion John Isner, marketing his 101st career singles title. Isner reached the final after he beat Felix Auger-Aliassime, Shapovalov’s friend in straight sets.

Federer’s win against Denis Shapovalov makes put him into his 50th career ATP Masters 1000 final. The win also put him ahead of Rafael Nadal who has been to the Masters Final 49 times.

In Federer’s post-match interview, he revealed that Shapovalov was a great contender. He, Federer needed to put in more effort because Shapovalov has serious rhythm and power. His words revealed that he did have an easy match as many of audience assumed.

This match saw a wide age gap between the players. In fact, throughout Federer’s career, Shapovalov is the youngest he had to contend with.

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Roger Federer and Denis Shapovalov

Roger Federer and Denis Shapovalov