Quest to Qualify with Irina Falconi: Wimbledon Wrap-up and Player Party Fun

Follow American tennis player Irina Falconi in this “Quest to Qualify” player blog as she continues her journey through Europe playing Wimbledon qualifying this week. Currently ranked No. 182 in singles and 71 in doubles and traveling the tour most weeks of the year, she’s lost or damaged her smartphone more times than she wants to admit! So she’s glad she can rely on Protect Your Bubble’s Gadget Insurance to quickly cover her every need. Follow Falconi on Twitter for more of her fun insights at @IrinaFalconi! (Catch Parts 12 and 3 of her blog.)

Well friends, what are you going to do?

All it takes is a break in each set, and there’s the match. I have to give it up for my third round opponent at Wimbledon qualifying, Ajla Tomljanovic. She played great! I don’t know if she’ll read this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets to the third round of the main draw, at least.

Anyway, you might be wondering what a player does when their day doesn’t go the way as planned. Well for me, I will tell you how it went.

I got off the court after my loss, went to ride the bike and stretch, and then — I got the heck out of there. I had a sandwich to go and then I was on my way. I had my pity party for about 15 minutes, and then it was back to reality. Why reality? Because at the end of the day:

  1. It’s just a tennis match
  2. There’s still a chance for a lucky loser spot, and last but not least,
  3. There are A LOT of worse things in life than losing a tennis match

Granted, after a tennis match, you can get really upset by smashing your racquet, screaming, crying. But guess what? Life goes on.

So what did I decide to do Thursday after my match?

I went home, showered, did some homework, watched some tv, and then got ready for the Pre-Wimbledon player party. I mean, why not? I had a great time there with a few friends, and a fantastic photo booth that had way too many good props.

Irina Falconi Pre-Wimbledon Player Party_3

So yes folks, it definitely does suck to lose a match, excuse my language, but hey, life goes on! And the great thing about tennis is that there’s always next week with another tournament, and another opportunity!

Enjoy these pictures from the party as much as I enjoyed being in them. Ha!


Irina Falconi Pre-Wimbledon Player Party_1

Irina Falconi Pre-Wimbledon Player Party_2