Quest to Qualify with Irina Falconi: One Good Week Can Be Life-Changing in Tennis

Follow American tennis player Irina Falconi in this “Quest to Qualify” player blog as she continues her journey through Europe playing Wimbledon qualifying this week. Currently ranked No. 182 in singles and 71 in doubles and traveling the tour most weeks of the year, she’s lost or damaged her smartphone more times than she wants to admit! So she’s glad she can rely on Protect Your Bubble’s Gadget Insurance to quickly cover her every need. Follow Falconi on Twitter for more of her fun insights at @IrinaFalconi! (Catch Parts 1 and 2 of her blog.)

What up world!

Alright, so I am listening to the most intense song right now as I write this. I have to tell you, music really makes my life so much better. I mean, when I’m doing high jumps and working out, how can I not have Eminem and 50 Cent blasting in the background ? I have other favorite artists but those two can really fire you up!

The Roehampton Courts used for Wimbledon qualifying rounds.

Roehampton Courts used for Wimbledon qualifying rounds. (Photo credit: Christopher Levy for Tennis Grandstand)

So, I totally tweeted this earlier but here it goes, “One is in da books!” Like I wrote in my previous blog, it’s all about that first win on the grass court. It’s amazing how one match can be the start of something so amazing.

Think about it. Let’s just say you’re 150 in the world. You win your first Wimbledon qualifying match, you go on to qualify, and then win a few main draw matches. Hello cash money, hello top 75, and hello opportunity!

Hence, if you’re around long enough on the tour you’ll hear this phrase more than once: “It takes just one good week.”

And it’s so true. You can have one incredible performance, and it can be life-changing, if I’m not being too bold. I mean, someone can come out of nowhere and beat a top 5 player first round on the biggest stage — hello sponsors! Fan base? Check. Media attention? Check. The list goes on and on. Suddenly, the perks are flowing like the Salmon of Capistrano. Ever heard of an appearance fee, or a free room for your coach? It can all happen in the blink of an eye.

Irina Falconi as a kid

Irina Falconi as a kid (Source: Unknown)

It takes just one good tournament. Or, in the case of this picture of me in my youth (at right), one good article in a local newspaper…(Throwback Thursday? Why not Throwback Tuesday?) 🙂

The bottom line: One big tournament or one great win can change your tennis career and outlook in a hurry, not to mention the number of digits in your bank account.

If that doesn’t fire you up to get on the court, I don’t know what will.

Cheers from the rainiest city in the world (other than Forks, and maybe Seattle…) Hmm, maybe I should just say rainiest tennis tournament city in the world? Does that work? Today it will…