Quest to Qualify with Irina Falconi: Touched Down in London Town!

Follow American tennis player Irina Falconi in this “Quest to Qualify” player blog as she continues her journey through Europe, playing warm-up events on the grass in preparation for Wimbledon qualifying. Currently ranked No. 159 in singles and 70 in doubles and traveling the tour most weeks of the year, she’s lost or damaged her smartphone more times than she wants to admit! So she’s glad she can rely on Protect Your Bubble’s Gadget Insurance to quickly cover her every need. Follow Falconi on Twitter for more of her fun insights at @IrinaFalconi!

Well, hello there peeps!

It’s been a while! And, YES, I have totally missed every single one of you – promise!

Irina Falconi's studio apartment during WImbledon

Irina Falconi’s studio apartment during WImbledon

Anyway, guess where I am writing you from?! Yup, “Just touched down in London Town!” What a great song. But I’m actually not listening to that. I’ve been on this Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris thing—yeah it’s been going on for a while, and on repeat really. YouTube has these awesome mixes with great music that you can just listen to all day long. If you have the means, I highly recommend it.

But back to London. I’m here already getting ready to try and qualify for this one tournament called Wimbledon. Yeah, it’s got, like, lots of tradition and stuff. Something about strawberries and cream?? I qualified two years ago and then last year had the distinct honor of drawing Victoria Azarenka in the first round. Quality opponent.

This is random but have you ever had falafel? I’m going to go ahead and tell you that it’s awesome, truly legendary. I’d never had one until I arrived in Paris three weeks ago, and I just found a place right next to my apartment that has AMAZING falafels. I’ve been in London for about 7 hours, and I’m already a regular.

This morning, I left Birmingham which was my first grass tournament this season, and apparently it was good timing because it’s been raining there all day. But then again, this IS England! Rain delays, anyone?

Irina Falconi with her doubles partner Gabriela Dabrowski playing in Birmingham

Irina Falconi with her doubles partner Gabriela Dabrowski playing in Birmingham (Photo credit: Christopher Levy for Tennis Grandstand)

Before I continue, I’ll go ahead and say that I welcome your questions about the goings on of the tour and all that fun stuff. You can expect more in-depth coverage from the insider-scoop book I am working on about all things professional tennis, but these blogs are a great way to just give you some info of what really goes down.

For example, did you know that just like most people, we indeed need to do laundry? Yeah, I was being sarcastic there, but still … I’m pretty sure Roger Federer doesn’t do laundry. He probably has an outfit for every hour of the day if need be. Which, Fed, if you’re reading this — THAT’S AWESOME!

Another thing that the British do well? Television. I think that their  shows are absolutely hilarious, and I have thoroughly been enjoying every single channel. I think The Simpsons over here is actually funnier, although one has to wonder why they don’t have British accents.

Wimbledon starts next Tuesday for qualifiers, so this “Quest to Qualify” blog shall surely be continued!!


Irina Falconi grass court 1

Irina Falconi (Photo credit: Christopher Levy for Tennis Grandstand)