Roger Federer Joins Twitter and the World Rejoices

Roger Federer during practice on Thursday at Roland Garros

(May 23, 2013) The day has arrived: 17-time Slam winner Roger Federer has officially joined the world of Twitter.

At 4:59 pm EDT, Swiss journalist Svenja Mastroberardi tweeted the following, both preparing fans for the arrival of the maestro and dissuading any skeptics.

Five minutes later and with just over 4,000 followers, the @RogerFederer account broke the silence with a rather humorous caption and “selfie” of the tennis player.

One hour later and the account has 27,000 followers, and is following five accounts itself: the four Slams and the official ATP World Tour account. Despite still not being officially verified by Twitter, the account is gaining thousands of followers per minute.

With the cult-like following of the fake Federer account @PseudoFed, perhaps the thought on many tennis fans’ mind is whn will these two accounts hold their first Twitter interaction? If you haven’t experienced the hilarity and humblebrags of the pseudo account, you’re missing out.

Just last week after his loss to Rafael Nadal in the Rome final, Roger Federer was asked about the “Twitter world” questioning his service speed. He had the following to say.

Q: Roger. You say you are healthy and I am convinced you are. The Twitter world says you are not and the speed of your serve was 174 and the second 160 ….. 
R. Federer:  160 is that slow for a second serve… Is that slow?

Q: It is normal …….. The Twitter world says this.
R. Federer:  Is everyone the same opinion. Janowicz serves at 225 but I am not that guy and I work my points differently and the radar is not always the story. Ask Rafa if I served slow and he will silence the Twitter world, your friends.

When Federer was describing this “Twitter world,” he didn’t seem to quite grasp the size of this parallel online universe, as described by this reporter:

Despite his seeming hesitation with Twitter, the @RogerFederer account was officially registered on April 9, 2013, and now follows suit after being the only top tennis player without a Twitter account. Hopefully, he’ll continue his dorky self-tweets and continue to give fans his unique voice.

Also, don’t forget about the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) Federer is holding with fans tomorrow, Friday, May 24th at 1:30 pm EDT. Click here for more info.

UPDATE: The @RogerFederer account has now been verified by Twitter.