Serena Williams, My “Personal Trainer” for Nike Training Club with New Core Power Workout

March 15, 2013 — World No. 1 women’s tennis player Serena Williams has always been a fitness aficionado, and she has now teamed up with the Nike Training Club to produce a new “Core Power Workout” on their app which launched today.

Selected as one of twelve lucky recipients, Nike Women sent me a social media toolkit packed with some of Williams’ best essentials, including a cute pink Nike Dri-Fit tank and Nike+ FuelBand in white ice. On top of that, Nike also sent along some exclusive photos from behind-the-scenes which I will do a separate post on. But first, onto the Core Power Workout!

Nike’s toolkit including a Nike+ FuleBand and Dri-Fit pink tank

Serena Williams’ Nike spring essentials

After a quick and easy installation of my Nike+ Connect app on my computer and mobile phone to sync up with Nike+ FuelBand, I downloaded the Nike Training Club app and found it jam-packed with more than 100 workouts that lean, tone, strengthen, and even focus on individual body areas. There is a beginner, intermediate, and advanced option for each goal, so there is never a dull moment regardless of your exercise or activity level. Since Nike+ FuelBand uses advanced sports-tested accelerometer technology, it measures your all-day activity, not just your workouts. How’s that for a change!

After doing the 45-minute “Mean Machine” workout with simple items like dumbbells, a medicine ball, and a jump rope (and already nearly passing out!), I decided to finish it off by kicking my abs into high gear with William’s 15-minute “Core Power” workout to look like a true champion. And boy, did it not disappoint! There are easy to follow guides and audio cues, and you can access your results instantly and sync them up with your Nike+ FuelBand.

Stability Ball Transfer from the “Core Power” workout

Stability Ball Back Extension from the “Core Power” workout

I know I’ll be feeling it in my core tomorrow, but there is no better feeling after a good workout. And glad Serena could be there practically as my personal trainer!

Her “Core Power” workout is not meant to replace time at the gym, but according to Williams, works as a “great supplement to do after running, riding the bike or other cardio.” Combined together, you will be well on your way to progressive muscle confusion and thus achieve your results of a leaner, stronger body even faster.

According to The Telegraph, Williams is quick to admit the convenience of the Nike Training Club series: “When I’m on the road and need a quick workout, I can do an NTC in my hotel room; or if I feel like I need something extra after a training session, I can target a specific muscle group with the 15 minute workouts.”

Here are some of William’s “best moves” from her workout!

And as a bonus — because we all know how much Williams loves to dance! — she included some dance moves for fun!

Now that you’ve seen Serena Williams kick her abs into high gear like a true champion, it’s time for you to join her! What are you waiting for?! Here is some motivation for you: