ITF Release 2012 Testing Summary

By Lisa-Marie Burrows

Roger Federer backs the ITFs decision for more testing. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

“Last year, through the Dubai, Rotterdam and Indian Wells swing where I won all three, I didn’t get tested once. That shouldn’t be OK.”

At the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, Roger Federer once again shared his thoughts about doping and testing. He revealed that in 2012, there was a lack of frequent and consistent testing for doping whilst he was competing, despite having won three consecutive tournaments.

This week, the ITF (International Tennis Federation) have shared their plans for biological passports. They have been busy of late redesigning their Davis Cup and Fed Cup websites and their latest relaunch has been the official website of its Anti-Doping department.

The website aims to share detailed information on the Tennis Anti-Doping programme and it has uploaded many PDFs from recent years of blood testing which has been carried out on the athletes.

A summary of testing conducted under the 2012 ITF Tennis Anti-Doping Programme is now available on their website of all players who hold an ATP or WTA ranking. The results show the amount of times the athletes have been tested during the year whilst competing and also when they are out of competition. The results do not include samples collected during the London Olympics by the National Anti-Doping Organisations.

During 2012, the statistics show that a total of 1727 in-competition urine specimen samples were taken from male and female athletes and 124 specimens of blood.

Out of-competition testing was slightly lower with 271 specimens for urine and 63 for blood. Overall, 2185 total specimens were taken and it is interesting to see how consistently players were tested, particularly the higher ranked players.  I have put together a table of results for the current top 20 ATP and WTA players.

ATP Top 20 Testing Summary

These are the sample testing results for the players ranked in the top 20 in the ATP rankings as of this week.

The ATP top 20 specimen testing amounts.

The samples are fairly consistent with Djokovic, Murray, Ferrer, Berdych, Del Potro, Tsonga. Tipsarevic, Gasquet, Cilic, Wawrinka and Seppi all tested on seven and above occasions, whilst the other players were largely tested four to six times.

The only exceptions are Rafael Nadal, who due to injury was not tested for in-competition as frequently and therefore has a higher out-of-competition sample compared to his colleagues. Milos Raonic was also tested on one to three in-competition occasions.

For further names of athletes and their testing summary, you can access the ITF anti-doping website here:

WTA Top 20 Testing Summary

These are the sample testing results for the players ranked in the top 20 in the WTA rankings as of this week.

The WTA top 20 players specimen testing amounts.

Half of the WTA top 20 players were tested during competitions on seven or more occasions and surprisingly four out of the current top 5 have been tested fewer times than some of their counterparts. Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka, Maria Sharapova and Na Li have been tested on one to three occasions and four to six occasions respectively.

For further names of athletes and their testing summary, you can access the ITF anti-doping website here:

Over the next few years, expect the number of overall testing to rise, as the ITF have made it clear that they are going to increase the number of blood tests done each year under its anti-doping programme.

Federer was pleased by the announcement and said at the BNP Paribas Open:

“I think tennis has done a good job of trying everything to be as clean as possible but we are entering a new era. We have to do everything to ensure our tour is as clean as it possibly can be.”


4 Responses to ITF Release 2012 Testing Summary

  • LisaPreston says:

    Least tested WTA Top 20 players:

    1. Sloane Stephens, USA (ZERO out-of-competition tests!)
    2. Serena Williams, USA
    2. Venus Williams, USA
    2. Caroline Wozniacki, Denmark

    All three US players among the least tested, even though Serena basically won everything starting with Wimbledon and has a past “incident” with doping testers (the panic room).


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  • Amazing! Its in fact amazing paragraph, I have got much clear idea regarding from
    this piece of writing.

  • Marinella says:

    Yay!Thank goodness for that. Though I think you’re spot on in your atsresion that he dodged a bullet and should appreciate what are euphemistically termed “the balance of probabilities” and their taking into account the “exceptional and probably unique” circumstances of the case.I’m very much in the camp of those who’d like to see him live up to his potential; he seems to have enough trouble with that without getting embroiled in drugs scandals.Though I have to say, how do his circumstances differ from those of Martina Hingis, who WAS handed the two year ban also for a recreational drug? I’d imagine she’d be pretty incensed at him getting off, no? Anyone?

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