Ana Ivanovic Off the Market, Dating Friend of Novak Djokovic

January 24, 2013 — Serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic is known nearly as much for her on court game as her off court relationships. Her past love escapades have included tennis player Fernando Verdasco and golfer Adam Scott, and now it seems she has found a new love match.

Ivanovic was caught by paparazzi getting intimate with a “mystery man” on the beaches of Australia earlier this month, and was also spotted arriving in Melbourne with the same fellow for the start of the Australian Open — he’s in the white shirt in the video below.

The lucky lad’s name is Mark Stillitano, a 26-year-old former tennis player hailing from Monaco. The Novak Djokovic fans in the audience may recognize Stillitano as he has often been seen traveling with the world No. 1 as part of his team. His exact role is unclear but Stillitano may just be a good friend of Djokovic’s who travels with and supports his comrade on the road.

Novak Djokovic and Mark Stillitano

Not much else is known about Ivanovic’s good looking and stylish beau and that’s perhaps a good thing. His relative anonymity could serve their romance well as Ivanovic would be wise to steer clear of any more high-profile relationships. She needs a good stabilizing force and let’s hope her choice to date one of Djokovic’s friends is a sign of a healthy relationship going into the future.

Oh, and here’s one more photo of Stillitano for good measure. She seems to have a type, no?

UPDATE: Seems we now know a little more about Stillitano. He is British-born, coming from a fairly wealthy family, and his mother sells elite villas on the French Riviera. Stillitano himself works for “Bombardier,” which is headquartered in Montreal, Canada but has sites in over 25 countries, including Monaco. The firms is the world’s only manufacturer of both planes and trains. Ah, so all those trips with Ana are actually for “business.” I see.

(h/t to @returnwinner and @macakdragi)