Maria Sharapova’s love affair with David Koma

By Romi Cvitkovic

“Who is David Koma?” you ask.

If you are a tennis buff, he may be as foreign to you as the idea of Caroline Wozniacki winning a Slam. But fashion aficionados have known about this 25-year-old Georgian born London based fashion designer’s transcending style for a while now.

Koma has only been around the fashion elite for a couple of years but he has surely cast a spell on the ever style-conscious Sharapova, who has been seen wearing his creations in cities around the world. The latest appearance of which was at Sharapova’s “Sugarpova” candy collection launch in Australia yesterday.

Maria Sharapova in David Koma at the Australian launch of Sugarpova (Click for larger)

Koma’s creation is hands down the most stunning dress the statuesque Russian has worn. Ever. In fact, the dress looks infinitely better on Sharapova than the model flaunting it on the runway for his collection. (Something about actual meat on bones?)

Koma has become synonymous with the ultra-body contouring silhouette, creating heavily embellished statement dresses inspired by the femine — and often athletic — form. And the mermaid-styled back of the dress may be even more captivating than the beautiful front.

Maria Sharapova in David Koma at the Australian launch of Sugarpova – (Click for larger)

No matter who you are — even Maria Sharapova — you don’t put on bold statement dresses like this one on your first outing. She started out subtler last year and her eye for his designs has grown.

During her American “Sugarpova” launch and media blitz in New York City last August, Sharapova doned a couple of his creations. During the daytime, she was sweet, hip and young in a collared white number.

Maria Sharapova in David Koma at the U.S. launch of Sugarpova (Click for larger)

And by night, she sent jaws dropping to the floor. Here she is in a signature silk black dress during her appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

Maria Sharapova in David Koma on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” (Click for larger)

It’s safe to say that Maria Sharapova and David Koma are a dream made in fashion heaven!

Although his upcoming Spring 2013 line is vibrant, a heavy subset includes white silhouettes with gorgeous details — just in time to sport some more of his collection during Wimbledon! You heard it hear first!

David Koma Spring 2013 collection (Click for larger)

David Koma Spring 2013 collection (Click for larger)