Best 22 things we learned about Milos Raonic during his latest Twitter Q&A

Dec. 2, 2012 — Top Canadian tennis player and current world No. 13 Milos Raonic is known for holding fun monthly Twitter Q&A sessions with his fans under the hashtag #AskMilos and today was no exception. In fact, it included a few tennis cameos, plenty of laughs and even some surprises. Read on for his most fun and revealing exchanges below, and to see the 22 things we learned about the Canadian today!


1.Milos can be witty, humorous and honest with just three words

2. He has an undeniable affinity for Taylor Swift


3. He wants revenge on a certain Spanish ATP player


4. And lists another one as his BFF on tour


5. But he prefers chicks to dudes any day


6. He almost forgot to reply to his sometimes doubles partner, Robin Haase


7. And his coach, Galo Blanco, even posed a question to which Milos answered mischievously


8. He is not your usual pasta kind of guy


9. And he holds a winning 2-1 record against current Olympic and U.S. Open champion, Andy Murray, so this is no surprise


10. He prefers his animals “mini-sized”


11. But he’d rather be a bear, and for good reason too


12. He likes house music — Janko Tipsarevic would approve


13. And high-quality chocolates should be everyone’s guilty pleasure


14. But donuts aren’t so bad either


15. He obviously loves the NBA more than “football”


16. And he’s talented enough to have been a muli-sport athlete growing up


17. This explains why the ATP World Tour Finals are already listed on his schedule for next year


18. And admits his WTA crush without reserve


19. And ok, he’ll even answer a relevant tennis question or two


20. But don’t expect him to do any death-defying stunts any time soon


21. He has a quick and agile memory, and even remembers points from two years ago vs. Sergiy Stakhovsky


22. But he is a family man at heart


Oh, and did we mention his excellent job of texting on his phone at lightening speeds for over an hour? Ouch, but well done!