Kastles’ win brings fashion with John McEnroe and Martina Hingis

The Washington Kastles have gone on a winning streak this season, going 6-0 by defeating the New York Sportimes on Tuesday evening 20-19. Even with the help of legends John McEnroe and Martina Hingis, New York could not pull off a win, succumbing in the last minutes of the match and losing in a super tiebreaker. Upon winning the final point, the stadium erupted in cheers with the Kastles’ players embracing each other in joy. Opponents Leander Paes and Martina Hingis even shared an extended tender moment at the net exchanging stories.

Courtesy of: Kelyn Soong

The evening began with a John McEnroe sighting. He arrived to his press conference dressed in some questionable fashion and it only got better (worse?) when he stepped on court to warm up Jesse Witten who opened in men’s singles. As eclectic as McEnroe is, he still somehow surprises even the most ardent fan.

Courtesy of: Kelyn Soong

McEnroe went on to play both the mixed and men’s doubles, looking deceptively sharp even if not too energized. He was pretty low-key but seemed to take the loss the hardest, planting his face in a towel and looking dejected on the bench.

Conversely, the most radiant and glowing player of the evening was the lovely Martina Hingis. She was the designated “towel girl” for her teammates and did it with excitement, shining her unforgettable smile every time she got up. For a woman that is only 30 years old, it’s a wonder why she has been retired for four years. With a slew of players in her generation still winning grand slams, namely Li Na and Francesca Schiavone, tennis misses her charismatic personality. And speaking of grand slams, a fellow reporter asked Hingis about her aspirations to play mixed doubles with a certain top Swiss gentleman in next year’s Olympics. You can find her answer and the full scoop here. It’s juicy.

Hingis is currently sporting sportswear from her upcoming fashion line called Tonic during all the World Team Tennis matches this summer. The official launch date of her line is set for March 2012.

With only a few matches left before the end of the season, Kastles’ owner Mark Ein is hopeful that his team can do a repeat of their 2009 Championship season.

All photos provided by Kelyn Soong who is a freelance reporter and photographer. Follow his website here. You can also follow Kelyn on twitter, @Soongy12.