What is Venus Williams wearing? – Wimbledon fashion

By Cynthia Lum

Venus Williams has once again been able to come up with a “You’ve Got To Be Kidding” outfit. The Christian Science Monitor was very Christian in calling it ” goddess-like in keeping with her name” and WageRun.com called it “stylish”. Well I have another name for it .. if I were to be kind I’d call it unique, if I were to be truthful, I’d call it .. actually, there are several words that come to mind, awful, ridiculous, inappropriate, unflattering, silly, you see what I mean, I could go on and on. I don’t understand anything about this outfit.

It’s been called a jump suit, but that doesn’t really fit, unless you were going to jump off a cliff and try to fly by flapping the sleeves in the wind. And what’s up with the cutout back with the brown inset, is this another attempt at “illusion” as she called her Australian Open dress with the “nude” undergarment. The only illusion here is by Venus having the illusion that this outfit is trendy and cool. In the past, I’ve defended her and applauded her for daring to be different, but in my opinion she has gone over the edge on this one. One thing I do kind of like, although I hate to admit it in print, is her glittery nails matching her glittery ring. Are those real diamonds?

And as long as we are on a fashion rage, what in the world is Bethanie Mattek-Sands wearing? We all know about the knee sox, but this dress? Trying too hard to be different in my opinion. While we are on BM-S are her NFL eye blacks really that scary looking? Football players wear this to cut down on the glare, but lets face it there is no glare at Wimbledon. In fact, we would welcome a bit if glare. If you want to see a scary face, how about cute little Kimiko Date-Krumm, now this is a face that’s could frighten you.

On to Nadal.. what’s up with the blue accent stripes around his underarm? Are we now supposed to be drawn to watch how much he sweats? C’mon Nike this shirt is not good.
I couldn’t help but notice that even though the number one player in the world, the ultra exciting, ultra gorgeous Rafa was on court, at 4PM the Royal Box was totally empty. Come now, this is England, you must have your tea. Who would ever think of missing tea just to watch a tennis match.

You get the feeling that this is really more of a social event than a tennis tournament. I’m sure many come here and never even watch a match. They just h­­ang out at the bar gossiping with friends, sipping Pims and Champagne. Or for those who prefer a more casual day, they can picnic on Henman Hill with Cornish pasties or perhaps meat sandwiches made with pickle and salad, cheese and onion is another favorite. Oh, and yes, they can watch tennis on the big screen just to have something to tell their neighbors about when they get home.

I jest but you’ve got to love it, the traditions are what make this tournament uniquely English and wonderful.

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