Rafael Nadal in song

Rafael Nadal is currently on the hunt for a sixth title at the French Open – and is doing so with a song about him now available for sale on I-Tunes.

“Vamos Rafa” is the song written by New Jersey band “Binge” about Nadal that is now available for purchase on I-tunes. The world’s No. 1 song is available for .99 cents at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tennis-tunes-ep/id423340011?ls=1

Other “Tennis Tunes” written and recorded by BINGE including “Grand Slam Man (Roger Federer),” “Hey, Hey, It’s Andy Roddick,” “C’mon C’mon Lleyton Hewitt,” “Maria Sharapova” and “Martina Bambina.”

Fans show Nadal's support for 6th French Open title


Lyrics to “Vamos Rafa” are found below.

Vamos Rafa, vamos Rafa

El Toreador

Vamos Rafa, vamos Rafa

It’s you they adore

The girls go wild when you hit one down the line

You play with such gusto, mucho gusto all the time

Vamos Rafa, vamos Rafa

You’ve got them on the run

Vamos Rafa, vamos Rafa

You should show them your guns

You make King Juan Carlos happy when you win

You’ve got a nasty drop shot and serious, serious topspin

When you leave Mallorca

And get to New Yorka

You will find they adore you too

And your fancy tennis shoes

And your Uncle Tony too

Vamos Rafa, vamos Rafa

Can I borrow your shoes?

Vamos Rafa, vamos Rafa

With them I’ll never lose

Adios amigos see you next time on the courts

In the meantime, por favor, could you do something about those shorts?

Binge is said to be collaborating on a potential song about Novak Djokovic, but were silent on when this potential song would be available.