Ana Ivanovic loses in first round of Roland Garros. Question rises: Where is that champion we used to know?

And sometimes smokes gets in your eyes. Your vision is troubled and you want the player you put your money on (No, I don’t mean live betting) to succeed no matter what.  And that goes for Ana Ivanovic as well. I want her to succeed but I am bummed that she lost to Johanna Larsson from Sweden in three sets 7-6, 0-6, 6-2.  So I am faced with the harsh reality that Ana just isn’t the player she was back in 2008 when she was winning and winning. It’s really too bad and I seriously wonder how it is possible for a player who has the potential to win more than one major in her career can just not get back to her winning ways.

I do think that her struggles with injuries since the beginning of this year has played a big part. First of all her fitness isn’t what it is supposed to be and she never really got back into her groove. The one that won her the Bali tournament in 2010 and we all thought that she was getting back and ready to show some of the top 10 players how tennis played.

Perhaps Ana should take some time off from tennis, like Dinara Safina, and heal up rather than going from injury to injury every month.  Injuries need good time to heal and as much as I love watching Ana on the courts, it’s no fun if you have to watch her struggle. First round exits are becoming all too common and humiliating for a player who can be of great stature.

I still have hopes that some day Ana will be on top of her game and win another major. She has proved that she can play on hardcourt, clay and grass. She has reached deep into the Australian Open, US Open, Wimbledon and has won French Open. There is no reason to think that she can’t do it again. All it takes is a little belief.

Enjoy the photos of Ana practicing at the French Open 2011 and try to forget that it’s the last time we will see her practice for the 2011 edition of Roland Garros.

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2 Responses to Ana Ivanovic loses in first round of Roland Garros. Question rises: Where is that champion we used to know?

  • I think she can win another major. Of course I don’t know anything about tennis.. But we’ve seen that in other sports too.. players going through a tough time because of injuries and rebound once they’re iback in shape.

    Now maybe you’re right and she needs to take some time off.. but that would mean no more pics of Ana for a while and that would be just as sad as seeing her lose in the 1st round :)

  • Hello Addilson,

    thanks for your usuaully very crafty replies. And yes, Ana can get back in shape but when she was in shape she wasn’t winning much either.

    Yes some time off might be good for her and even if that means a few months without ana pics, I am sure that when she bounces back will get an overload of photos. So I don’t worry about that much.

    Thanks for your continued comments. It’s nice to know that somebody actually reads my articles ;)


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