Kim Clijsters Offers Caroline Wozniacki some Friendly Advice

Anyone else followed Caroline Wozniacki at the Aussie Open? Well  I have and I have been reading reports too from others. First of all, I disagree with all the critics who say she doesn’t deserve to be number one because she has not won a major. The number 1 spot doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a major and that’s what Jelena Jankovic proved and Dinara  Safina and now it’s Caroline Wozniacki who proves it. A major does look good on your list of won tournaments, I have to admit that.

The media are all over Wozniacki at the moment and try to add pressure for her to win her first Grand Slam tournament. Caroline however keeps her cool but things from the Wozniacki camp tell a different story and that Wozniacki is indeed nervous and does let what the media says get to her. But all that pressure comes with being the number one of the world. It is something she will have to get through.

Kim Clijsters offers some good advice for Little Miss Sunshine. In an interview conducted by Reuters, Clijsters comments that Wozniacki must play it smart to reach her full potential and wondered if it was necessary to play so many tournaments a year (Wozniacki played 22 tournaments in 2010).

“So I wonder maybe it’s not the smartest choice (to play so many events).

“You need to peak and make goals and not worry about money or points here and there. But it will happen. She’s young, she’ll learn.”

Speaking of her own experience about the media, being number and not having won a Grand Slam tournament yet Clijsters said the following:

“Somebody will always be targeted for that,” Clijsters told Reuters in an interview at the Australian Open On Thursday.

“Is it unfair? It’s not something that happens out of the blue or that’s only her. I was in the same situation. I was younger than Caroline probably and you have to deal with it!”

“Dealing with that pressure is not always that easy,” said the 27-year-old. “After a while you start doubting yourself just because of what you have to answer in the media.

“I do feel that (she’s) very close. She hasn’t been on the tour for many years and she’s already at number one.

“She will gradually grow into that role where she’s on top of the women’s game and winning grand slams, or a very big contender.”

To read the full interview with Clijsters  , click here

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