Breast-Reduction Surgery Gains Simona Halep New Followers

The best match so far today at the US Open is the one between Simona Halep and Jelena Jankovic.  Jankovic barely won and survived a major scare in the first round of the final major of the year versus the 18 year old Romanian.

I recalled hearing the name Simona Halep before. I just couldn’t figure out where I got that name from. So I asked my big friend Google and I remembered fairly quicky who Simona was: Simona is the girl who had breast-reduction surgery a few months back.

In an interview with Belgian newspaper “De Pers” she told that she felt better after the surgery and that she didn’t care what others thought of it.

Halep also didn’t care much about the fact that her breasts often drew more attention than her qualities as a tennis player.  She complained that breasts would often get in the way of her game, were the cause of a serious backache and made it hard for her to serve. She would have also performed surgery even if she wasn’t a tennis player.

Halep may have disappointed her fans by reducing her breastsize but gained a new bunch of followers who like her for her tennis qualities.

Check the photos of Simona Halep before and after the breast-reduction surgery:

Before the surgery:

After the surgery: