Maria Sharapova Gets All Leggy

Due to popular demand by someone I won’t call by name, (Here is a little hint: it starts with a J and ends with J), who claimed that Maria Sharapova was way and way better than Ana Ivanovic in everything,  I decided to upload a few photos of the lovely leggy Russian bombshell. These pics are from way back and are  scans from the Spanish GQ magazine and as an extra bonus I have added the scanned photos of California Style Magazine.

Don’t think I don’t do anything for you person I won’t call by name. Because I just did. Enjoy pics man!

Gray’s comment really made me laugh too.  He wrote the following:

good luck, with her not winning any other tournaments now. i wonder what will happend to her if she lost her FO title and points ..
o she can be a model, a plus size at that =D and, i hope she can be a anna kournikova when it happends, i doubt it though
she’s all yours

Well honestly Gray, might Ana lose her FO title and turn to modeling then I would be perfectly fine with that. Just look at the Zira pics. Would you want to miss out on Ana modeling for the rest of her career? I don’t.

As for her becoming mine: Hell hasn’t frozen over yet but it’s getting chilly  and besides I’d settle for a look-a-like anyhow.