A New Indian Number 1 And Kendrick Continues to Sizzle

Just a year ago, Somdev Devarman was graduating from the University of Virginia and was claiming his second NCAA Championship. Now, still in his virgin year on the ATP Tour, Somdev finds himself the number 1 ranked player in Indian and is this weeks number 201 on the ATP Rankings.

Last week in Nashville, Deverman took out super talented and feisty, Jesse Levine.  A convincing 7-6, 6-2 win showed that Somdev will certainly be a force to reckon with no matter who he plays.  Using a “never miss a ball” type of strategy, the chilly Indian, can give guys on the other side of the net fits.

Winning his second Challenger in as many weeks was Robert Kendrick.  Robert continues to roll and show the country that he is the best on the Challenger circuit this year and is now the 8th ranked American.  “Kendo” finally took out Deverman, 7-5 , 6-2 .  This was his first win against the NCAA Champ in 3 tries.  One more week in Illinois and Kendrick will be training for the Australian Open in January.

I am looking forward to working with a long time client and friend in Orlando.  Some time on the bike and on the golf course will keep Robert fresh and body healthy.  I plan on a solid strength training program which will incorporate a lot of cable machines and dumbells. The goal will be to get the big guy to crank out a dozen pullups in a row by the time January 1 comes along,  Due to persistant knee problems, Robert will have to the agility training on level grass, and incorporate massage and stretching in his everyday routine.  Kendrick has a very live arm and a tenacious fighting spirit that is a privledge to be around.

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10 Responses to A New Indian Number 1 And Kendrick Continues to Sizzle

  • Pauly P says:

    If any one has any subjects or topics that they would like to see me write about, please leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do….Ciao! Pauly P

  • Actually I do. How about some funny anecdotes from the time you worked with some of the stars of today in US Tennis? Wouldn’t that be a good idea?

  • Pauly P says:

    That shouldn’t be too hard!!!! I actually have some good stuff planned for the next few weeks! Stay tuned….

  • JacsonvilleDude says:

    From one Indian to another, I’m very happy for Devvarman’s progress. He’s doing well, and has progressed remarkably for such a short time on tour. I see him being a solid top 100 player.

  • Pauly P says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Love those Indians! Bring on the chicken tikka masala!

  • JacksonvilleDude says:

    You bet! Indian food is awesome! If any of you are ever down here in Jacksonville, Florida, there are about 3 Indian restaurants within about 3 miles of each other. Great stuff!

  • Pauly P says:

    Let me know where those places are!!!! Ill be down in 30 mins…I live just south of Amelia Island at Amelia National… http://www.ameliaonline.com check it out! There literally is not ONE Indian Rest up here..I lived in LA and had a zillion to choose from there.

  • Pauly P says:
  • JacksonvilleDude says:

    Sure! One of the ones I go to alot is Cilantro’s Indian Cuisine, at 9825-6 San Jose Blvd (Route 13), Jacksonville. It’s on the south side of town, just maybe a half mile up from when you get off from Interstate 295 onto Route 13.
    How bout we go there this Saturday at noon? I love tennis, and post a lot of stuff about it on the web, but it’s been years since I actually talked to someone about it. That would be great! Let me know if you can do this.

  • JacksonvilleDude says:

    Pauly,actually I will not be able to make it this weekend (Saturday 11/22/08). But it would be great to do this another time. Hope we can arrange it for another weekend. Best wishes! -vik

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