Robbie Koenig: The Blog From Madrid

Apologies first of all for missing my post on Thursday, but the commentating has been full-on this week in Madrid!!! Two matches after 8pm is such bad scheduling, no one stays to watch the second match, irrespective of who’s playing! Its crazy to start a match at 10:30/11pm at night, a few players were pissed off this week playing at that time, and i totally understand!!

Anyway…how about Saturday – ridiculous quality tennis!!! I’ve been talking a fair bit about Andy Murray, and he proved he’s the real deal – sick athlete and great tactition! He served as good as I’ve ever seen, and he’s gonna take the title Sunday cause Gilles Simon has got to be outta gas…..?
What a Hercleun effort yesterday from the Frenchman, to beat Rafa Nadal in that fashion in his own backyard. He deserves a serious amount of respect!!! I tell you the stadium was rocking, we could hardly hear ourselves in the booth, and both Jason (Goodall- co commentator) and myself rate that as one of the best matches we’ve ever called.

Novak Djokovic seems to have lost his edge a bit, some of the boys tell me he’s been partying pretty hard and enjoying himself….Fair enough, he’s had a great year and is entitled to enjoy his success! As long as it doesn’t affect his game too much, he’s young, he’ll learn.

There was a big a party last night with all the “Hugo Boss” ball-girls and hostesses (a lot are local models), but I was just too tired to make a guest appearance, but I’m sure it was fun. Tiriac (Ion Tiriac- tournament owner, the guy with the big moustache) only does things to the max. He’s a genius businessman!

Gotta run and go prep for the finals, If Simon pulls this one off, it will be the eighth wonder!!!