Weekly Links: Things That Make You Go Hmm…

Here we are with another weekly dose of weekly links. Back from not being far away from my desk for the past few hours.

First of all an announcement:

I have been receiving mails lately from people asking me if I want exchange links with them. I am always open to suggestions but I do have a set of criteria.

First of all, your site has to be up for at least one year.  Your site has to be regularly updated. I don’t want to link to dead sites. And last but nevertheless very important: Quality writing.

If your site meets the criteria then feel free to contact me by either using the comment system (no registration required) or leave me a note using our “Contact Us” form.

End of announcement

So with the message out of the way we can move on with the links.  This week we have a few special photos from the Rogers Cup.

Mary Pierce has withdrawn from the Olympics with a knee injury. No offense but she shouldn’t have been selected in the first place. It’s been too long that she played and playing at the Olympics should really be someone who is fit, has match practice and actually played well in the past two years! (New York Post)

Another two bite the dust. Frantisek Cermak and Michal Mertinak have been suspended for gambling on matches. (World News Australia)

Boris Becker speaks. And when he speaks we all listen to Boom Boom Becker. He is of the opinion that Rafael Nadal is the real No. 1 and not Federer. I am not sure if I agree. Sure Nadal won that epic Wimbledon final and the French Open in a month but let’s see if Nadal can win Wimby in the next few years. Just don’t write off Fed because he has an off season. (Toronto Star)

At least Iestyn Stevens from Sportingo agrees with me (Sportingo)

Roger Federer is in Toronto and motivated again. Funny how he didn’t read anything about the most epic final of the Open Era. (National Post)

Chris Evert publicly admits that her love affair with Greg Norman was behind the demise of their marriages. That’s just freaky! (News.com.Au)

Sorry boys and girls but Jelena Jankovic has a boyfriend. (Women’s Tennis Blog)

Aaress from On the Baseline has put up her favorite memories of the Olympics. What are yours? Comment below (On the Baseline)

Safin and Safina will make a great team at the Hopman Cup 2009 (The Age)

Monica Seles got interviewed by Indietennis (IndieTennis)

Of course the biggest news this week was the Ashley Harkleroad Playboy issue. Don’t worry, this link IS suitable for work (TennisGrandstand)

Photos by Bob McIntyre.