“Titanic: The Tennis Story” Narrates Possibly The Greatest Story Ever From Tennis

In the incredible story of two tennis players, Dick Williams and Karl Behr, and how they survived the sinking of the Titanic disaster 100 years ago only to play each other in the quarterfinals of the modern-day U.S. Open tennis championships – with the winner going on to stage a major upset victory in the final – the greatest story in the history of tennis?
The new novel TITANIC: THE TENNIS STORY by Lindsay tells a narrative tale of Williams and Behr and their incredible stories of survival from the Titanic disaster. The two tennis standouts amazingly survived the sinking and met each other on the rescue ship Carpathia. Two years later, the two became U.S. Davis Cup teammates and again faced each other in the quarterfinals in the biggest tennis tournament in the country, the U.S. Nationals – the modern-day U.S. Open. The winner went on to become the unexpected singles champion of the tournament, winning their first major singles championship with a final-round upset over the world’s best player Maurice McLoughlin – the Roger Federer of this era in tennis.

Rod Laver’s “The Education of a Tennis Player” Documents Famous 1969 Grand Slam Season

New Chapter Press has released the updated memoir of Australian tennis legend Rod Laver, “The Education of a Tennis Player.” Written with Hall of Fame journalist and historian Bud Collins, “The Education of a Tennis Player” is Laver's first-hand account of his famous 1969 Grand Slam season, capped off by his win over fellow Australian Tony Roche in the final of the U.S. Open. Laver also writes about his childhood and early days in tennis, his 1962 Grand Slam and offers tips on how players of all levels can improve their game. He also shares some of the strategies that helped him to unparalleled success on the tennis court.

Learn The Secrets of Spanish Tennis

” Learn The Secrets of Spanish Tennis” Provides Insight Into Spain’s Tennis Success The Secrets of Spanish Tennis,the book that features the key Spanish methods and philosophies that have propelled Spain to the pinnacle of professional tennis, was released by New Chapter Press in 2015. The book is written by elite New York-based high performance tennis coach Chris Lewit, who spent the eight years visiting many of the top Spanish academies and studying their teaching methods